Video presentation of the Eclairvale / Flowers & Fruits:

Thinning at the flower stage (Spain, 2016):

Past vs. future

Fruits thinning on apricot trees in Italy (Cuneo, 2016):

Apples thining (France, 2015):

Documentary made by Orogel cooperative society (Italy, plums, 2016):

Fruits thinning in France (Blue Whale, Montauban, plums, 2015):

Fruits thinning in France (Pépinières Grard, Nîmes, plums, 2015):

Flowers thinning in Chili (La Hornilla, 2015):

Flowers thinning in Spain (La Carrichosa, 2014):

Buds thinning in Spain (La Ciezana, 2016):

Buds thinning in Spain (Poveda, 2016):

Use in collecting apples in France (Agrial, 2015):

Opening of the Eclairvale:

Closing of the Eclairvale:

Moving the Eclairvale: